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My Military BLOG

Professional writings, commentary, and the musings of a senior noncommissioned officer.

Welcome to my military Blog--well it's not exactly a Blog in the strictest sense as I don't have any mechanisms currently in place with which to allow my visitors to leave their comments or feedback. I could simply use a ready-made system like Word Press, but I prefer to have all my content incorporated within the site. Once I get a little more time, I plan on writing my own custom blogging software, but for now I welcome any feedback via e-mail.

I started this Blog for two primary reasons. First, I wanted to record experiences or events that I am particularly passionate about. Things that have occurred to me or that I have witnessed over the last 20 years of Army service. And second, I actually enjoy writing because it's an exceptional outlet for creativity. In my blog you will find a wide range of writing styles from the typical non-fiction, first person commentary, to third-person exposition containing some elements of fiction. Whatever the case, I hope you will find some semblance of a moral or other positive message in each entry. It's also my hope that my writings will improve over time, but I'll let you be the judge of that.

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