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(Feb. 5, 2017) I have taken a short break from exclusively updating content on, and I’m excited to announce that the site is currently undergoing it’s fifth complete redesign since its launch in January 2006. Although the current fixed-width design has served well over the last eight years, as technology has changed, it no longer follows best practices. Although the site looks great on typical desktop and laptop computers, it is difficult to navigate on today’s more ubiquitous mobile devices. As part of the site’s redesign, will be completely responsive, meaning it will look great and be easily navigable on all modern platforms from your typical smart phone, to a wide range of tablet computers, or to your desktop computer with 24” display!


Rest assured that the outdated NCOER content on the site will be updated as part of the design process. This simply means that these updates will take slightly longer than I had initially anticipated—realistically by about a week or two. I have simply decided that all the best content in the world is worthless if it is inaccessible to all my tech savvy visitors. I want to make sure that continues to provide the best and highest quality content on the Internet, and is easily accessible to the largest number of the Army’s finest noncommissioned officers and Soldiers.


Please be aware that is maintained solely by me, and I have never used, nor will I ever use, a content management system to manage my content. I enjoy the freedom of having complete control over my site, and having the ability to customize it and change it as I see fit in lieu of being constrained by a prewritten management system. Keeping that in mind, I am not by any stretch of the imagination, an artist or graphic designer, but I’ll do my best to make the site aesthetically pleasing in addition to increasing its functionality. Fortunately for what I lack in design, I more than make up for in mad coding skills. I appreciate your patience through this process, and as always, I welcome any constructive criticism as I begin to incrementally roll out the new design over the next couple weeks.


Finally, I want to personally thank all my visitors for making and continuing to make the most popular U.S. Army noncommissioned officer professional development website on the Internet for the last 11 years. The feedback that I’ve received on the new bullet database system has been amazing, and I am excited to start implementing new functionality soon. Please continue to send in your MOS specific bullets.


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For more information check out The NCOER Bullet Database FAQ


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