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Did Not Meet Standard NCOER Bullets

  • improper purchase from subordinate adversely affected morale and discipline within the section
  • due to his poor training program four soldiers failed their CTT
  • consistently failed to meet administrative suspenses
  • lack of supervision over subordinates and failure to follow procedures resulted in the loss of $2,000 worth of equipment
  • many times has failed to inspect soldiers and their equipment
  • consistently complains about time spent in the field
  • through his negligence, committed two medication errors within one eight hour shift
  • has difficulty in delegating authority
  • integrity compromised upon submission of false documents
  • counseled many times on his substandard appearance
  • allowed subordinates to ignore verbal and written directives
  • misses PT formations
  • training consistently below standard; despite one-on-one assistance
  • incapable of handling even menial tasks without direct supervision
  • failed to follow established procedures for securing and accounting for ammunition
  • does not complete mission requirements in a timely manner
  • set a bad example by extorting money from his soldiers
  • failed sit-ups and run but is making progress to meet physical fitness standards
  • lacks desire to work with and train soldiers
  • unable to train others due to his lack of knowledge of his occupational specialty
  • was relieved for driving while intoxicated in an off duty status
  • second time on weight control program within the last 12 months
  • failed to complete the requirements for the disposition of hazardous chemicals
  • failed to conduct monthly written counseling of enlisted soldiers
  • routinely failed to meet given suspenses and to complete tasks in the prescribed manner
  • failed to account for components of section equipment end items resulting in marginal readiness of equipment
  • failed Battalion Certification nine times
  • becomes intolerably insubordinate when counseled in regards to corrective criticism
  • does not respond to correction for uniform and personal appearance
  • relieved for wrongful possession of government property and an illegal substance

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