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The NCO Counseling Session

Tips, techniques, and professional advice for conducting effective NCO Counseling

After thorough preparation, the actual counseling session is relatively easy. You must now simply articulate to the rated NCO all those things that you've previously prepared. During the counseling session:

  • Enure the NCO knows the rating chain.
  • Discuss draft duty description: Show rated NCO the draft duty description on your working copy of the NCOER. Explain all parts. If rated NCO performed in position before, ask for any ideas to make duty description better.
  • Discuss values/responsibilities: Discuss the meaning of each value/responsibility in Part IV of the NCOER. Use the definitions found on the back of the NCOER as a guide.
  • Discuss your standards for success: Explain how each value/responsibility applies specifically to the rated NCO and his or her duty description by telling your standards for success. Be very specific so there is no doubt as to your expectations.
  • Give specific examples of excellence: It's not only important for your rated NCO to know how to succeed but how to be among the best. This gives him or her something exceptional to strive for. Explain to your NCO that only a few achieve excellence and that real excellence often includes specific quantifiable results as well as accomplishments of subordinates.
  • Give rated NCO the opportunity to ask questions and make suggestions.

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