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Sample NCOER Duty Descriptions

Sample NCOER Duty Descriptions covering a variety of Military Occupational Specialities (MOS) and duty positions.

Welcome to my sample NCOER Duty Descriptions page. Within these pages, I have compiled a list of sample NCOER Duty Descriptions to aid in your NCOER preparation.

It’s been my experience that the last thing most raters accomplish when an NCOER comes due is to try to come up with a duty description that describes an NCO’s job that he or she has been doing for the last year. In reality a duty description should be written prior to the initial counseling session. Its purpose is clear—to provide purpose, direction, and motivation from the commencement of the rating period; however, it’s also been my experience that many raters find it difficult to write an effective duty description. Perhaps this explains the tendency to put it off until the end of the rating period.

At any rate, I hope that these pages will prove to be useful. Please keep in mind that these duty descriptions are not meant to be "cookie cutter" i.e. cut and paste solutions. They should be used as a guide to come up with a tailored duty description that uniquely identifies the most important duties and responsibilities of your particular NCO.

If you have a duty description that you would like to contribute then please contact me.

CMF 11 - Infantry CMF 12 - Engineer CMF 13 - Field Artillery CMF 14 - Air Defense Artillery CMF 18 - Special Forces CMF 19 - Armor CMF 25 - Communications and Informations Systems Operation CMF 27 - Paralegal CMF 31 - Military Police CMF 35 - Military Intelligence CMF 37 - Psychological Operations CMF 42 - Adjutant General CMF 56 - Religious Support CMF 63 - Mechanical Maintenance CMF 68 - Medical CMF 79 - Recruitment and Reenlistment CMF 88 - Transportation CMF 91 - Mechanical Maintenance CMF 92 - Supply and Services CMF 94 - Electronic Maintenance and Calibration Special Duty Positions NCOER Duty Descriptions Wanted!

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