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Sample NCOER Duty Descriptions

CMF 12 - Engineer

12B Combat Engineer

Echelon: Line Company, Engineer Battalion

Principle Duty Title: Team Leader

Duty MOSC: 12B30

Duty Description: Served as a team leader for a Sapper Engineer Company assigned to a Modular Combat Engineer Battalion in support of Operation Enduring Freedom; provides mobility, survivability, and Counter Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED) operations to a joint task force; responsible for the health, training, welfare, discipline, and morale of four Soldiers; responsible for the maintenance and accountability of one Mine Resistant Armor Protected Clearance Vehicle (RG-31), one Buffalo, and sets, kits, and outfits in excess of $2,500,000.

Echelon: Line Company, Engineer Battalion

Principle Duty Title: Reconnaissance Sergeant

Duty MOSC: 12B30

Duty Description:Serves as Reconnaissance NCO in a Mobility Augmentation Company, part of a Combat Effect Engineer Battalion in support of a Mechanized Infantry Division with a worldwide contingency mission; Responsible for the training, safety, health, welfare and professional development of five Soldiers, supervises the maintenance of an M113A2 Armored personnel Carrier, an M577 Tactical Command Post Track, associated BII, sets, kits, outfits and weapons systems valued at approximately $800,000.

12N Horizontal Construction Engineer

Echelon: Company

Principle Duty Title: Horizontal Contstruction Sergeant

Duty MOSC: 12N3O

Duty Description: Interprets information on grade stakes; clears, grubs, strips, excavates, backfills, ditches, stockpiles and pushes scraper with tractor crawler; cuts and spread fills material with scraper; excavates, stockpiles, backfills, and loads with loader; assigned as a Squad Leader with duties to include; responsible for health, welfare and safety of over 10 soldiers; ensures soldiers meet standards in personal appearance; maintain and account for their individual and unit equipment and property; teaches individual and collective training, develops unit cohesion, fosters the values of loyalty and commitment and builds spirit and confidence, evaluates training; coaches and counsels.

12R Interior Electrician

Echelon: Company

Principle Duty Title: Interior Electrician Sergeant

Duty MOSC: 12R20

Duty Description: Read and interprets drawing, plans and specifications to determine layout and identify types of and quantities of materials required. Install and troubleshoot circuits from the weather head to the outlet, using the proper method and equipment. Use all test equipment to test and install service panels, branch circuits, protective controls, type of conduit, junction and outlet boxes. Train Soldiers on Warrior tasks, mentor and counsel Soldiers on duties and performance. Lead a Team and train Soldiers on Interior Electrician tasks.

12W Carpentry and Masonry Specialist

Echelon: Company

Principle Duty Title: Carpentry and Masonry Sergeant

Duty MOSC: 12W20

Duty Description: Interpret construction drawings and blueprints, prepares building layouts, constructs wooden and concrete foundations, and erects building frameworks; installs flooring, walls, partitions, siding, roofing, doors, windows, stairs and interior finishing; erects pre-fabricated and pre-engineered metal structures, applies proper concrete curing methods; directs operational maintenance on assigned equipment, train soldiers.

12Y Geospatial Engineer

Echelon: Brigade

Principle Duty Title: Senior Topographic Sergeant

Duty MOSC: 21Y4O

Duty Description: Serves as the Senior Topographic Sergeant for the 214th Fires brigade consisting of two MLRS Battalions, one Paladan Battalion; performs cartographic and terrain analysis; collects and terrain analysis; collects and processes military geographic information from imagery sensors, digital data, intelligence data, existing topographic products and other collateral data sources; advises the Brigade Staff on topographic capabilities and prepares special mapping products; assist the Brigade Intelligence Section with daily intelligence operations; responsible for the training and mentorship of three Soldiers, and equipment valued at $150,000.

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