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Sample NCOER Duty Descriptions

CMF 37 - Psychological Operations

37F Psychological Operations Specialist

Echelon: Tactical PSYOP Company/Division Special Troops Battalion

Principle Duty Title: Tactical PSYOP Team Leader

Duty MOSC: 37F3O

Duty Description: Responsible for training, readiness, and welfare of a three Soldier Tactical PSYOP Team (TPT); supervises, coordinates, and participates in analysis, planning, and dissemination of tactical PSYOP; assists in conducting loudspeaker broadcasts, printed material dissemination, and face-to-face communication in support of conventional and special operations forces; responsible for the accountability, serviceability, and maintenance of equipment worth in excess of $500,000; assists in the assessment of enemy propaganda, gathering PSYOP-relevant information, and evaluating the effectiveness of friendly PSYOP.

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