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Wanted: Your NCOER Duty Description

It is my goal to provide as many duty descriptions as possible for NCOs serving in a variety of MOSs and holding a range of duty positions. This is quite an ambitious undertaking, and I can by no means accomplish this task without your help.

If you have a duty description that I don’t currently have posted, and a few minutes of your time to help your fellow NCOs, then shoot me an e-mail.

Here’s what I am looking for:

1) The echelon of the position— for staff positions, is it Battalion, Brigade, Division, Corps, or higher level staff? Combat arms and combat support soldiers not working staff will normally be assigned to a line company of a combat arms or combat support battalion. Is it artillery, armor, infantry, air defense, signal, MI, or other?

2) The Principle Duty Title

3) The Duty MOSC

4) The duty description—I will keep these as generic as possible by removing all references to any individual, unit, or organization.

Thanks for your support and for helping make the best professional development site for Soldiers and NCOs on the Net!

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