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Failure to Meet Financial Obligations

Tips, techniques, and professional advice for preparing a Developmental Counseling Form (DA Form 4856) for Soldiers failing to meet their financial obligations.

Possible topics to discuss during counseling:

  • Budget Plan
  • Over-extended finances
  • Root causes for payment deliquency
  • Failure to meet financial obligations may result in punishment under UCMJ
  • Payment history for all creditors

Possible Plan of Action:

  • Attend the post AER budget counseling class
  • Meet with an AER financial advisor to develop a realistic budget
  • Draft a plan to make payments to all creditors and provide to the Chain of Command
  • Consider possible debt consolidation
  • Maintain budget until finacial problems are resolved
  • Follow-up with the Chain of Command monthly

Possible Leader Responsibilities:

  • Enroll Soldier in the post budget counseling class
  • Schedule an appointment with the AER Financial Advisor
  • Review the budget plan
  • Ensure Soldier is staying within budget
  • Follow up to ensure creditors are being paid on time


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