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Reception and Integration Counseling

Tips, techniques, and professional advice for preparing a Developmental Counseling Form (DA Form 4856) for Reception and Integration Counseling.

Caring and empathic Army leaders should counsel all new team members when they join the organization. Reception and integration counseling serves two important purposes:

  • It identifies and helps alleviate any problems or concerns that new members may have, including any issues resulting from the new duty assignment.
  • It familiarizes new team members with the organizational standards and how they fit into the team.
  • It clarifies roles and assignments and sends the message that the chain of command cares.

Reception and integration counseling should among others include the following discussion points:

  • Chain of command familiarization.
  • Organizational standards.
  • Security and safety issues.
  • Noncommissioned officer (NCO) support channel (who is in it and how it is used).
  • On- and off-duty conduct.
  • Personnel/personal affairs/initial and special clothing issue.
  • Organizational history, structure, and mission.
  • Soldier programs within the organization, such as Soldier of the Month/Quarter/Year, and educational and training opportunities.
  • Off limits and danger areas.
  • Functions and locations of support activities.
  • On- and off-post recreational, educational, cultural, and historical opportunities.
  • Foreign nation or host nation orientation.
  • Other areas the individual should be aware of as determined by the leader.

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